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The Elbe Expert Toolbox (EET) is an open system of functionally synchronised tools. The tools are used for derivations of regional scenarios of the global change, the simulation of scenario results for the water-related sectors in a river catchment as well as the assessment of action strategies.

In detail the EET encloses tools for the derivation of regional scenarios of the climate change and the social change, to the assessment of results for the landscape water and the nutrient household and for the municipal and industrial water demand, management tools for support the water amount the water quality management as well as tool for the assessment of activity strategies.

The models were developed in the second phase of the project for the river catchment area of the Elbe and were derived from available generally usable models and are now provided in variations specifically for the river Elbe.

View here animations*, which show the development in the Elbe catchment area in the period 1951-2055 within the following ranges:

*You need Flash Player to view the animations. Download it here.

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