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Idea and intention of the "Global Change Atlas Obere Donau" are to visualize the sectoral and integrative conclusions of DANUBIA, to document them in common and to provide them as a basis for discussion for stakeholder and decision maker.

After several introductions and a summary the printed atlas is divided into three chapters. It is designed as an open ring binder. This permits permanent improvement, addition and enlargement as a reaction to newly developed scenarios or to new, consolidated conclusions to the global and regional trends to be expected. Each article consists at least of one map and one text page.

The first edition was published in June 2006. It was sent to experts and interested people from science, administration and politics. Five more supplements and updates for all chapters are served during the project time until the end of October 2010. The number of the final edition is 250 and includes 77 articles with a great amount of maps. The final product is also available on CD.


Chapter 1

Depiction of the natural landscape and social patterns in the Upper Danube catchment. These facts are building the basic database for the models and simulations.

Chapter 2

Presentation of the sectoral models of DANUBIA, the therefore necessarily data as well as validations on the basis of measured target values. Selected data sets calculated with the respective model are represented as a card.

Chapter 3

The results of the simulations from different scenarios about possible developments of the Upper Danube catchment in the next decades are be presented here. In the course of a continuous discussion with decision makers and stakeholders common scenarios about possible future changes were be developed and these results fed this chapter dynamically during the last project phase.



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Map Text

Subproject Agricultural Economy
(Map left, text right)

Map Text

Subproject Hydrology/Remote Sensing
Groundwater neologism
(Map left, text right)

Map Text

Subproject Glaciology
Average of Snow Cover Duration from November until June under consideration of the climatic trend REMO regional - Baseline
(Map left, text right)

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