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An integrated decision support system

OpenDanubia is a tool for the management of water resources in the context of global change and is now made available for decision-makers from politics, economy and administration. Furthermore, both the framework for integrated simulations and all simulation models developed for OpenDanubia are now released as an open source for future developments and research questions. Via, registered user can gain access to an extensive documentation, the program code of the framework and all major components and additional aids for operation and data processing.

The coupled, integrated simulation model DANUBIA originally developed by GLOWA Danube, was made open source at the end of the project period. OpenDanubia contains both the self-developed core system for control of integrated simulations as well as all major disciplinary model components. It connects spatially and temporally explicit scientific and socio-economic process components, taking into account their mutual influence. A separate Actor Framework serves as a basis for simulation models of actors' decisions in the areas of agriculture, industry, tourism and water supply, as well as the water consumption of households.

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