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Idea and intention of the "Global Change Atlas Obere Donau" are to visualize the sectoral and integrative conclusions of DANUBIA, to document them in common and to provide them as a basis for discussion for stakeholder and decision maker. Particularly the facile and economical update of the online atlas permits the current provision of research results for discussions at all levels.

The digital version of the Global Change Atlas includes the visualization of the basic data and research results via the internet (at present still password protected due to publication rights with costs). The online atlas is subdivided into 4 groups in analogy to the printed version: base (corresponds to chapter 1), simulation models (corresponds to chapter 2), result (corresponds to chapter 3) and scenario (corresponds to chapter 3S). These groups are further subdivided into the scientific disciplines involved.

The web version offers already now several interactive functions: overlay of different data sets which can also be shown transparently, zoom and scroll functions, etc. A database allows to retrieve time series or series of measurements in different scales. Data sets still missing as well as new results are included constantly during the project time, in addition research results can be presented and put up for discussion here for short term, too. So the online version offers the technical requirements for a high topicality (rather than the printed version). This is of particular importance for the project members itself. In addition the visualization of the research results via the internet should motivate and simplify the communication between stakeholder and project members in different places.

In the third phase of the project the online atlas shall be improved to an integrated visualization tool which copes with the developments of DANUBIA during this time and finally could be added to the completed system as a client-server viewer with many useful (GIS-) functions in an open source version.



Click on the map thumbnails to enlarge the views.

The investigation area with relief shading,
situation and waters


Monthly climatologies of the precipitation
in the investigation area (animated timelines)


Total discharge and population density
in the investigation area


Chart of the discharge measurement
by the example of Ingolstadt

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